Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Apologies to Everyone.

I must apologize to everyone who takes the time to read my writings, over the last year multiple dramas have totally sapped my will and drive to write.  I seriously need and plan to do better.  I plan on writing about several topics that cover horses, and possibly a few that cover the people that love and care for them.  I don't know why my drive/want to write has suddenly returned, but I am thankful that it has, and feel the need to have a pen and paper in hand when seated.  I'm sure that my "articles" will have no type of chronological order to them, as I usually write about whatever crosses my mind when at the barn, or speaking to another person about horses, especially if it is a person that is just learning about horses.

I look forward to the future comments from readers, and sharing knowledge on a subject that I just love to talk about, so, "lets get talking!"